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To register for one or more of our Paint-Ins contact our Program Chair.  When contacting the Chair to register, please indicate the following:

1.  Are you a member or guest.  Costs for paint-ins unless otherwise indicated are $15 for members and $20 for non-members.

2.  Payment Method - PayPal, Zelle, or Check.  Would you like to be invoiced thru PayPal or pay directly using Zelle?  If paying by Zelle, please use the following email:  Checks should be made payable to Valley of the Sun (contact the Chair for address to mail checks).

NOTE: Please when submitting payment by either method above, indicate in your email on the memo section of payment which class(es) you're registering for.  Also, should you be including membership, indicate in memo/email, it will ensure payment is applied to specific class or membership.

Click on image for Paint-In Flyer

January 11, 2024 Paint-In.jpeg
VSA April 2024 Seminar Flyer (Susan Phillips).png
VSA July 2024 Flyer (Janet Mitchell).png
October paint-in information.png
FEBRUARY FLYER (Sharon Carlson).jpg
VSA May 2024 Flyer (Heidi Allison).png
August paint-in information.png
November paint-in information.png
March 14, 2024 Paint In.jpeg
June Program.png
September 2024 Paint-in.jpeg
December paint-in information.png
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